Projected future changes in river flows across Peninsular Malaysia

The data presented in this portal shows hydrological model estimates of projected future changes in river flows (m3s-1) across Peninsular Malaysia.

The hydrological model is HMF-Malaysia, which provides grid-based and spatially-consistent simulations of river flows at a 0.008333° × 0.008333° grid (approximate grid of 1 km × 1 km) resolution across Malaysia.

The model is driven by rainfall and temperature data from a climate model: CORDEX-SEA (Tangang et al., 2020), which provides ensembles of daily climate model variables from 1976 to 2099.

Changes in river flows are calculated between historical (1976–2005) and projected future (2006–2099) time periods using CORDEX-SEA climate model data.

These data will also be available to download from the EIDC (Rameshwaran et al., 2022).

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