Projected future changes in river flows across Peninsular Malaysia


This map shows a gridded (1km resolution) representation of rivers across Peninsula Malaysia.

Red dots show the location of artificial influences (AIs: anthropogenic water transfers between rivers) included in the model.

Zoom in (+ button on top right) and click on a river pixel (blue shading) to show the extent of the catchment draining to each river location.

Scroll down to see a graph below the map showing how river flows are projected to change in future (for 30-year time-slices from 2006 to 2099).

In the drop-down menus you can choose:

  • Change in monthly mean flow (m3/s) or change in peak river flows (%)
  • Future RCPs (RCP2.6, RCP4.5 & RCP8.5)
  • Artificial influences (current or planned for the future)

CTRL+click to select multiple RCP or AI options.

The shaded area shows the variation (25th, 50th (median) and 75th percentiles) of projected flow changes.

Hover over the top right of the plot to see useful buttons for use within the plot.